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If it is possible to reduce the amount of bacterial toxin being absorbed from the intestine of patients with liver disease then this could be of signficant therapeutic value. Current therapies associated with the prolonged use of antibiotics to reduce intestinal bacteria populations have proved effective but run the risk of establishing antimicrobial drug resistant intestinal bacteria. We have developed a novel approach which can help absorb bacterial toxins produced in the intestine and prevent their absorption into the bloodstream.
Our macroporous carbon product has the ability to be customised to absorb different types of bacterial toxin from the intestine. Our studies have already confirmed that this product called Yaq-001 has many beneficial properties that could allow it to be a new approach to treatment of patients with chronic liver disease. The hypothesis is outlined in the figure on this page. The CARBALIVE project has been designed to allow the optimisation of this product, its clinical grade manufacture to be established and then a series of clinical trials to be undertaken. These clinical trials will confirm that the product is safe for use in human patients and has a benefical effect in patients with chronic liver disease.
If the project is successful the new therapy could be further developed as a novel treatment for patients with chronic liver disease over the next few years.
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